Florida Defective Products Lawyer

At the Killino Firm, we know defective products. We recognize that defective products are responsible for thousands of severe injuries and deaths each year across the U.S. and throughout the Florida state. The Killino Firm has represented hundreds of clients in individual and class action lawsuits following injuries and wrongful deaths due to defective products. Our many multi-million dollar successes – both court verdicts and settlements – have helped bring about justice and a fair remedy for the injured.

Two prime examples of our commitment to keeping America safe from defective products include a recall of 450,000 Chinese-made tires and a class action lawsuit against Mattel, Inc., seeking to compel them to pay for medical testing in children who may have played with their recalled toys.defective products lawyer florida

At The Killino Firm, we believe that manufacturing companies have a responsibility to American consumers, and when something goes wrong, we are prepared to investigate to determine not just what happened but why.

The Killino Firm In The Media

The Killino Firm has gained national recognition for its involvement in important cases involving defective products. From CNN to ABC and around the world, we make the news because we are willing to stand up to large corporations and international businesses and expose their wrongdoings.

Experienced Product Liability Lawyers

The Killino Firm has a proven record of success in handling defective product cases in both Florida and federal jurisdictions. If a defective product (including drugs and medical devices) has seriously harmed you or your family member, you can trust that the experienced product liability attorneys at The Killino Firm will provide you with unparalleled legal representation.

Dangerous or Defective Products

The sheer numbers and variety of defective products that have harmed innocent consumers are alarming, and include products such as:

  • Seatbelts, airbags, tires and other vehicle components – the failure of which has cost thousands their lives
  • Entire vehicles (e.g., SUVs that roll over too easily, vehicles that catch on fire too easily) that result in car and truck accidents
  • Toys and other products for children, such as cribs, “walkers” and security gates
  • Medical products, such as heparin, pacemakers, and skin, bone and organ tissues
  • Appliances – injuries in the home are often due to defective appliances
  • Tools – whether in the workplace or for home use
  • Machinery – home/workplace
  • Sports equipment and camping equipment

Recalls That Save Lives

Miami’s urbanized area is the fourth largest in the United States, with nearly five million people living and working under the general assumption that the products they buy and use are safe — as advertised.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case. For example, the product recall lawsuit of 450,000 Chinese-made light truck tires was a legal matter in which The Killino Firm had a central role. Our legal team discovered that the defective tires were at the root of many vehicle accidents, and the firm’s lawsuit prompted the entire recall.

In another major defective product case, The Killino Firm filed a class action to compel the giant toy company Mattel to provide free lead testing for all children who may have ingested lead from Mattel toys manufactured in China.

Manufacture, Distribution and Sales of Defective Products

Although tires, toys and toothpaste are just a few of the defective products that have come to the U.S. from China in recent years, that country is hardly the only source of dangerous or faulty products.

No matter where a product was manufactured or processed, and no matter who distributed it or sold it, there is a legal duty to provide a safe product (with proper labeling and warnings if necessary).

Speak with an Attorney

If you or a loved on has been harmed by a defective product, contact our Florida defective products lawyers for experienced legal counsel and representation. Contact our offices today to schedule a free consultation with a product liability attorney you can trust to thoroughly investigate your case.

If a product defect is the cause of your injury, we will fight aggressively to make sure the manufacturing company is held accountable for the damages incurred by you and your family.

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