Car Accident Lawyer Florida

At The Killino Firm, we know highway safety. Our Florida car accident lawyers have experience in handling auto injury cases on both the individual and national level. We fight aggressively for victims of car crashes who have been severely injured and for families whose loved ones have been killed as a result of another driver’s negligence, defective auto parts, poor road conditions, and more. Car Accident Lawyer Florida firm Killino is on your side when you are faced with a tough decision after an accident.

No matter what the circumstances in your case, we will fight zealously to protect your rights and to ensure you recover the full amount of compensation you are entitled to. To discuss the details of your auto accident case, contact The Killino Firm’s expert auto accident lawyers accident lawyer florida

Advocates For Car Accident Victims

At The Killino Firm, our car accident lawyers serve as relentless advocates for injured victims and their families. We believe that when a person’s negligent behavior results in a motor vehicle accident, he or she should be held accountable.

Our lawyers are excellent researchers who never miss a beat. Using cutting edge technology, we will investigate every shred of evidence in your case until we determine not only what happened but why. Once we determine fault, we will fight relentlessly to get you and your family the compensation you need and deserve.

Florida Car Accident Lawyers in the Media

The Killino Firm has been recognized by the media for its involvement in important cases such as a truck accident case that prompted a national recall of 450,000 Chinese tires. Our involvement in cases such as the tire recall shows our commitment to keeping America safe.

The tire recall, for instance, may have prevented thousands of catastrophic injuries and deaths on American highways. To hear what The Killino Firm has to say about its involvement in the national tire recall, visit the.

Car Accident Lawyer Florida Reviews

5 star rated Killino firm is consistently rated by past clients as a 5 star rated firm

Common Causes of Car Crashes

At The Killino Firm, we have the knowledge and skills to represent victims of all types of car crashes, including those involving:

  • Drunk driving
  • Excessive speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Defective parts
  • Roadway obstructions
  • Harsh weather conditions (e.g. snow, rain, fog)
  • Driver distractions (e.g. talking on the phone, texting while driving)

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury as a result of a car crash, contact our Florida automobile accident lawyers for experienced and highly skilled legal representation. We provide our clients with the personalized attention they deserve and will put our full energy into protecting your interests.

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