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Florida Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers

The Killino Firm works hard for its Florida clients and maintains the high standards of dedication and competent representation you expect from a team of nationally-recognized attorneys. We have provided aggressive assistance to clients throughout the state of Florida in obtaining the compensation to which they are entitled for injuries related to

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The Killino Firm’s Florida clients have enjoyed the competent, dedicated, and vigorous advocacy of their rights from our highly-qualified personal-injury team. When you have undergone the trauma and anguish of sustaining injuries as the result of someone’s negligence or a defective product, you want to be able to rely on legal assistance from someone you can trust. The Killino Firm’s attorneys have your interests at heart during every stage of litigation. Contact the Killino Firm today for more information about our firm and how we can help you obtain the justice you deserve.

The Killino Firm: The Law Firm You Can Trust

The Killino Firm’s highly-regarded team of personal-injury attorneys will carefully investigate your case, assess and plan the best strategies for success, and do what it takes to achieve that success. Our attorneys are dedicated to holding individuals and entities that carelessly cause others injury accountable for the devastation and heartache they have caused and will leave no stone unturned in our endeavor to see justice done for you. We are, indeed, a law firm you can trust.

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The Best Lawyers Giving Their Best for All Their Personal-injury Clients

Car-accident Lawyers and Auto-accident Lawyers

Our car-accident attorneys and auto-accident attorneys fight for the compensation due to our clients as a result of injuries sustained in car and auto accidents. Awards of compensation in such cases come from the manufacturers and designers of defective automobiles, the manufacturers or distributors of defective tires and other auto parts, and the drivers whose negligence caused an accident that led to a client’s injury or death.

The complex issues and proof involved in auto-accident cases require incisive investigation of the causes and effects of an accident and its resulting injuries. Fault may be attributed to one, or many, defendants and we will strive to hold each one responsible for your suffering accountable.

Personal-injury Lawyers

Our personal-injury attorneys know the law of personal injury. We also know what it can do for our injured clients. When someone’s thoughtless action, careless inaction, or otherwise negligent conduct has caused our clients injury, we put the law of personal injury to work for them.

In some cases, our clients have been injured as a result of a defect in a product that may have been designed or manufactured without negligence. Should such defendants be held liable for injuries or deaths that would not have occurred had it not been for a defect in one of their products? The resounding answer is, “Yes!” If your injuries were caused by an exploding engine, a malfunctioning airbag, or a poorly-made item of protective sports gear, we will seek justice from those who have the responsibility of ensuring that their products are safe for your use.

Accident Lawyers

Accidents may result from pure misfortune or simple chance. These sorts of accidents, particularly when the injuries sustained by them are severe, are difficult enough to deal with, but when an accident is due to the negligence of another human being or the careless creation of a faulty product, the victims need somewhere to turn for the medical—and legal—help they need.

The Killino Firm’s accident attorneys will provide you with the legal know-how and results-driven representation required to get the compensation you deserve from the people and entities responsible for your accident injuries.

Wrongful-death Lawyers

The survivors of an individual who has died as a result of someone’s negligence or a defective product often suffer serious financial losses in addition to the already nearly unbearable loss of their loved one. Some of our clients feel uncomfortable asking for monetary compensation for the loss of a family member—as if, in asking, they were putting a price on the person they have lost.

Our experienced and compassionate wrongful-death attorneys will assure you that the small measure of justice achieved from holding those whose negligence or faulty product took your loved one away responsible for your loss is a price these defendants should and must be forced to pay.

Motorcycle-accident Lawyers and Truck-accident Lawyers

Our motor-cycle accident attorneys and truck-accident attorneys have extensive experience with the evidence and proof required to achieve the results we want and demand for our clients who have been injured in motorcycle or truck accidents that have been caused by someone’s negligence or a defect in a motorcycle helmet, a truck tire, an airbag, or other product or product component. In some cases, accidents involving trucks result from the fatigue of a driver who has driven too far and too long without a break. If the driver’s employer is at fault as well as the driver, we will seek financial compensation from those, and all, negligent defendants.

Birth-injury Lawyers and Brain-injury Lawyers

Birth injuries often leave parents at a loss for where to turn to seek help for the injuries their child has sustained. Brain injuries may render a victim unable to seek assistance without another person’s help. Our birth-injury attorneys and brain-injury attorneys understand, through much experience, what our birth- and brain-injury clients are enduring and are ready to provide sensitive and patient guidance along with aggressive legal representation to achieve the results to which you and your family are entitled.

Malpractice Lawyers and Medical-malpractice Lawyers

Our malpractice attorneys and medical-malpractice attorneys are sharp and highly-schooled individuals with the legal and medical knowledge necessary to fight for your rights in a malpractice action against anyone whose medical negligence has caused you injury. Contact us today for representation from a law firm whose expertise and dedication you can trust.

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